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Radio network quality monitoring

Real-Time decisions of the network operations centre (NOC).

Phone mobile Network set-up

base stations installations E2E (RBS, transmission, routing, On Air).

Consulting & Network Management

Real-time network surveillance, Swap & Post Swap, Network Monitoring, Tunning & Optimization, configuration of events.

Alvian Communications

Set in Spain in 2009 by IT professionals more than 15 years experienced in the set up, installation and maintenance of phone mobile network in Spain. Alvian takes active part and collaborates with engineering suppliers, radio services, civil works and maintenance authorised by the following operators: Movistar, Vodafone and Orange

Alvian guarantees compliance with projects as well as their quality, thanks to meticulous process controls. Additionally, our services provide with a made-to-measure in-sourcing for each of our clients achieving superior quality in our services

Our full maintenance programs feature complete access to our technical resources 27/7 in order to solve incidents or events

Our corporate philosophy is "to be an active member of your team". Experience, planning ability and commitment are the solid basis to improve strengthening the trust among our partners, service suppliers, site properties and public administration.


We offer:

Online Quality Supervision.
Swap & Post Swap supervision.
Network Monitoring, Tunning & Optimization.
Field Technicians.
Customized Supervision on-request. CSSR Cs & Ps, DCR, TCH Blocking, Availability, GPRS of Huawei and Ericson technologies, LTE
Quality Standards Guarantee (by supervising and configuring).
Expert Technicians: OSS management, technologies Ericson and Huawei, Radio Links, PTN.

A wide range of installations to set-up Phone Mobile Networks.

Integrated Services:

Installations and Radio Link enlargement.
Radiating system i& RBS installation and Configuration.
Continuous Energy Supply equipment installations.
Adaptation for sharing operator's infrastructures
Macro/Micro installations and special designs.
Routing and RBS's integrations.


Alvian Communications supervises national operators' quality indicators of the Radio Network, Transmission and Switching.



Quality Plan

We are a quality benchmark in each of our activities and services.
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Prevention of Occupational Risks

SPA service certify the regulatory compliance.
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Environmental Management

We are committed to protect, prevent and preserve.
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Some of our main clients.


  • Vodafone
  • Orange
  • Ericsson
  • Elecnor
  • Norconsulting
  • Ipt
  • Insyte
  • Nokia Siemens
  • Isolux
  • Grupo Cys
  • Connect44